FilmStar Graph Automation
Bandpass Filter Example

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Notes on this video:

  • Prospective FilmStar users are invited to test these capabilities in the Free Version . Try running FilmStar BASIC macro C:\Winfilm\Basic32\BandwidthPlot.bas. Can't get it to work? Or want to see more? Contact us for an on-line demo at your convenience.

  • When plotting O.D. vs Wavelength (Setup...Parameters), check Plot %T + OD in the FSPlot Setup menu to display both quantities simultaneously.

  • FSPlot parameters can be automatically saved as BASIC code. This ensures that graphs for diverse end-uses (ie web pages, catalogs, etc) have consistent formats.

  • Graphs developed for FilmStar DESIGN can be used in FilmStar MEASURE. Often the only difference is that the keyword Calculate is replaced by the keyword Scan.

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Last updated on January 01, 2018