Business Software??? You need to make optical films, not just design them. FilmStar addresses the business of coating with data acquisition from popular spectrophotometers, support for automatic optical monitors, a simulator for training coating technicians, a built-in automation language, integration with Microsoft Office, and much more.

Measured spectra are the foundation of coating quality control. How do you save curves? Store them on disk willy-nilly? Or worse, print and store in filing cabinets?

What about security? Can your data be creatively adjusted in Notepad or Excel to meet specifications? Remember Plummer Optics? Don't let it happen to you!

FilmStar includes everything you need to set up a networked quality management system with multiple spectra stored in secure password protected files. Click a button to a automatically transfer curves to FilmStar design software for analysis.

We can demonstrate all this on your computer. Click here to find out how!

Only FilmStar combines specialized optical coating  software with popular business software like Excel. And we've made it easy with sample programs and scripts that can be modified by any engineer with moderate programming skills.

Worried about compatibility with your current coating designs? FilmStar includes BASIC macros for import/export. To learn more about FilmStar's bottom-line benefits, please telephone +1 609 924-6222 or visit us today at