New life for your Lambda 19
under XP/Vista/Windows 7!

Your trusty Perkin-Elmer Lambda 16/18/19 works well, but its ISA board and 16-bit UV Winlab software are obsolete and unsupported. Even worse, you're stuck with a Windows 95/98 computer which can't run modern applications.

Perkin-Elmer can't help but WE CAN!

Lambda 19 XP/Vista/Windows 7 support is now available through a version of FilmStar MEASURE utilizing a proprietary PCI board.

Our solution extends spectrophotometer life at very low cost! And if and when you acquire a new PE or Cary instrument, it will also be compatible. MEASURE offers new possibilities for automation and managing multiple spectra.

It's time to replace last century's computer, obsolete Windows and aged software! Call us today at +1 609 924-6222 to arrange an online demonstration at your convenience.