Your instrument works fine; too bad its software is intended for chemistry, not optics. You need a powerful, easy-to-use and fully supported alternative!

Click to visit FilmStar MEASURE page
MEASURE includes stand-
alone EXE and component
OCX (as shown) versions.
Click to visit FilmStar MEASURE page
Click to visit FilmStar MEASURE page

MEASURE controls and acquires data from most PE models, Varian, HP 8453, Hitachi U-3210/3410, OOI, and Zeiss. You improve efficiency by using the same software for different instruments!

MEASURE includes the FilmStar Development System. That's what makes it so easy to automate quality control procedures. Consider the graph below. It's part of a user-specified MultiScan sequence for measuring and sorting filters. Ask us to demonstrate this online!

Visual verification in automated MultiScan procedure

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