Sorry, the photo at the left is not that of a friendly and helpful robot that reduces filter testing costs as it wanders about your QA department! (But it does show movies.)

The robot you really need resembles the one below and is controlled with Fanuc Robot Server software. Will it work with your spectrophotometer?

Definitely yes if you use FilmStar MEASURE. As for the software you currently use to control your bench-top spectrophotometer, as they say in Brooklyn, 'fuhgetaboutit'.

Unlike the software that came 'free' with your spectrophotometer, FilmStar MEASURE supports Robot Server and other ActiveX-compatible devices. MEASURE has a built-in VBA-like programming language which lets you easily, economically, and quickly set up automatic 'pick-place-scan-report' testing procedures.

In the past you had to rely on expensive in-house solutions involving stepper motors, programmable logic controllers, complex fabrication and testing. With robots now used in thousands of facilities, it is time to ask whether well-documented and well-supported PC-controlled off-the-shelf laboratory automation can help you lower QA costs, especially when 100% inspection is required.

Not sure you need automation? Visit your QA department and observe technicians spending hours placing filters in the sample compartment, waiting for the scan to complete, removing the optic, printing a graph, copying data into Excel, etc. Then compare to the number of hours required to merely load and unload a parts rack. Click here for a business analysis from Manufacturing Engineering magazine. Interestingly, 'robotics' generates about 1.8M hits in Google.

Not sure why MEASURE's automation support is better than your current software's? Have no idea why ActiveX is so important? We'll be happy to explain. The main thing you need to know is that MEASURE makes automation possible!

Discover how FilmStar MEASURE automates quality assurance! We'll set up a demonstration in your office at your convenience. Click here to learn more, or call us today at +1 609-924-6222.