How easy is it to 'adjust' measured spectra?

  • STRIP-CHARTS...Before computers, spectra took the form of ink on paper. Archaic? Undoubtedly, but there's one big advantage: data security. Only expert forgers could convincingly alter the curves.

  • COMPUTER CONTROL...Computer-controlled spectrometers were a big improvement, but it became far too easy to manipulate results. AR coatings don't meet spec? No problem! Copy spectra to Excel, subtract 0.2%, re-store on disk and backdate the file.

    An unlikely scenario at your facility? So is fire, but you still have fire insurance. Why take chances on data security?

  • CONTROL+SECURITY...FilmStar MEASURE spectrophotometer software combines with industry-standard database software to automate quality assurance procedures and securely save spectra in uneditable form. In addition, FilmStar MEASURE users gain all the advantages of database technology: the ability to sort, select and analyze spectra according to multiple criteria.

QA 'adjustment' can have devastating consequences. Ultimately we can expect the military to adopt data security practices similar to those (21 CFR Part 11) implemented in the medical industry.

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