Optical Coating Designer?

It would be marvelous to spend your days designing coatings without the nuisance of making them. But your organization has to produce actual optical thin films in order to pay salaries. That's why you need software that goes beyond design.

FilmStar includes manufacturing capabilities not available elsewhere. Only FTG Software's FilmStar controls and acquires data from PerkinElmer, Cary, OOI, etc. spectrometers and connects directly to Inficon IC4/5/6. Optical monitor support includes Eddy, Leybold, Intellemetrics.

As they say at MIT, Automate or Perish. That's why FilmStar's built-in BASIC automation supports object compatibility with programs like Excel. Who is FTG's biggest automation user? Click here and watch the video (look for the Lambda 850). Surprised?

FilmStar can advance your company and recharge your career! Contact us to arrange a web-based seminar at your convenience. Think you know what's in FilmStar? You just might be amazed.