Security Software??? Measured spectra are the core of optical coating quality assurance. You're undoubtedly concerned about accuracy, but what about security?

Can your QA data be readily 'adjusted' in Notepad, Word or Excel? Why take a chance when the consequences can be so disastrous for your company? Why take a chance when it's so easy to do things the right way with FilmStar?

FilmStar MEASURE provides new security options for data acquisition from popular spectrophotometers. For example, you can:

Quality Adjuster?

  • Prevent unauthorized changes in machine settings. No one can increase scan speed to get the job done faster.

  • Store results in password protected databases. Measured curves can't be changed or deleted.

If you're concerned about ISO 9001:2000, or if your coatings are used in military or medical applications we suggest you contact us immediately at +1 609 924-6222.