Training Software??? Ultimately you need to monitor optical films, not just design them. That's why FilmStar provides technician training software in The Coating Game , our unique optical monitor simulation program. Look at the screen image below! It's completely different from anything you've seen in other thin film software.

The Coating Game, included in FilmStar MONITOR, trains technicians to make complex coating runs. You'll know if they understand the instructions because the game keeps score. Of course, it's only a simulation, but if you can't make a filter in our machine, you'll never make it in yours! 

You wouldn't fly in an airplane if you knew the pilot failed the simulator, so why not apply the same logic to your coating department? After all, one bad coating run is the price of the software. To learn more about FilmStar's benefits, please call +1 609 924-6222 or visit us today at