Technical Issues - FilmStar Class References

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Users running DESIGN from Excel can experience errors when establishing a Reference to FtgDesign1. The issue is normally resolved by re-establishing the Reference via VBA Tools.. References. It might also be necessary to re-install FilmStar (no need to uninstall).

But what if References cannot be changed in the usual manner? This can be a critical problem when it is difficult to modify archived Excel Workbooks.

To help understand such issues, FilmStar-ID.xls displays Registry properties. Suggestion: copy information from rows 2-12 to store current ID's and thereby track any future changes.

Usual way to add References

Version information extracted from Windows Registry

Keys for missing FilmStar EXE files must be deleted and recreated. As shown at the right deletion is automatic.
Click No if you prefer to manually edit the Registry. The Registry should be backed up before making changes.

Registry keys are automatically recreated when you re-run the FilmStar application. Click Refresh to verify.

Run-DESIGN-Ref.xls programmatically adjusts references when opening a Workbook. Users who cannot otherwise solve problems should study this example which requires the macro security settings shown below. You may need to digitally sign Workbooks if your IT manager complains about Enable all macros.

Missing executable

Security settings in Excel 2010

An issue that arises is 'early binding' vs. 'late binding'. Early binding is standard but there are reasons to consider late binding. You might, for example, need an Excel Workbook compatible with past and current FilmStar versions; or, when running Excel from FilmStar BASIC, you might require compatibility with various Excel versions. Excel-FilmStar DESIGN examples: EARLY, LATE. When testing code, open Task Manager to ensure that there are not multiple FilmStar processes (e.g. Design1.exe) running.

XLS files in above links have been tested with 32/64 Windows and Excel versions 2000 (32-bit) and 2010 (32 and 64-bit). The same considerations apply to all FilmStar programs.

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