Technical Issues - Encrypting Designs

Film designs may be saved in encrypted format. This lets optical coaters supply uneditable and unviewable designs to customers who may then evaluate the designs in FilmStar. Upon opening an encrypted design, Design and Optimize menus are hidden and corresponding FilmStar BASIC or DDE macro functions are defeated. The Interactor works but does not display the design. Material properties are hidden as well.

Opening an encrypted design hides Design and Optimize menus

Using a random key, the encrypted design is different each time it is saved. Once an encrypted design is opened the only way to exit encryption mode (reactivating Design and Optimize menus and the Film Indices dialog) is to open an unencrypted design.

As shown here, designs are encrypted by checking Encrypt saved film designs in the Security tab in File.. Configuration Preferences.

Status bar when encrypting designs

FTG Software cannot guarantee the performance of this capability.
It is the responsibility of organizations utilizing encryption to test
and approve its functionality before distributing encrypted designs.

Encrypted designs saved in DESIGN 2.61.3030 (04/29/12) or newer
will not open in previous versions. This minimizes potential insecurity
issues and is mandatory for anyone distributing encrypted designs.

  • An encrypted design cannot be decrypted; before proceeding backup any designs to be encrypted. To help prevent accidental overwriting, the File.. Save command is disabled.
  • When distributing encrypted designs use FILM Archive and Archive n,k modes. n,k tables are directly saved in the FILM Archive, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of encrypting and attaching dispersion files.
  • Alternatively (Archive n,k disabled) include all dispersive n,k (*.itw) files referenced in the Film Indices dialog. Dispersive indices may be encrypted in INDEX; assign names like 'MATL1' instead of 'TIO2'. This method predates Archive n,k mode and is only included for compatibility with older versions; it is not recommended.
  • Dispersive index functions ($LOREN, etc.) are never supported in encrypted designs. INDEX converts functions to n,k tables via Function.. Create Table.
  • The design wavelength of an encrypted coating can be varied. If this is not desirable, convert all thicknesses to physical using Design.. Optical to Physical.

Status bar after opening an encrypted design

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