Technical Issues - Grid keyboard shortcuts, etc.

FilmStar data entry grids include keyboard shortcuts which can be much faster than using the mouse. As an example, bring up the Optimization Targets dialog and try the following:

Ctrl+Up          go to top row
Ctrl+Down        go to first empty row
Shift+Ctrl+Up    highlight column to top
Shift+Ctrl+Down  highlight column to bottom
Ctrl+Left        go to first column
Ctrl+Right       go to last column

Suppose you need to change angles to 15 degrees. Type 15 in the top row and copy that value to the clipboard with Edit Copy <Ctrl+C>; then highlight the column and click Edit Paste <Ctrl+V>. The Targets dialog offers another method. Type the required value and click Edit Spawn Cell <Ctrl+W>. The value is duplicated in cells below. 

Other hints: Make use of the Edit Sort command in some grids. Rows can be managed with Edit Insert Row <Ctrl+I> and Edit Delete Row <Ctrl+D>. To edit a cell rather than overwrite it, press <F2> or <Insert>. To clear an entire grid, click on the upper left box to highlight it and then press <Delete>; alternatively, hold down <Ctrl+D> until all rows are deleted.

For enhanced readability, try setting Grid row colors in File Configuration Preferences Grid Style to Cyan-Yellow (as shown below) or to the colors of your choice. This applies to most grids with multiple columns.

The (default) view you are used to

Much better, isn't it?

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