Perkin Elmer Lambda 16/18/19 Installation

This solution is supported on 32-bit Windows computers with built-in LPT (parallel) port. A PCI board adds LPT2 and a custom cable combines the ports into a 37 pin Lambda 19 connector. Contact Ascanis Instruments to purchase the upgrade kit. If you require on-site installation and testing, please contact Mono Instruments.

Computers with built-in parallel ports
have  become obsolete and are only
available as refurbished/used goods.

Assuming Ascanis's scan application performs correctly, the Lambda 19 version of FilmStar MEASURE or Scantraq will work as it uses Ascanis drivers. Should the solution fail, try other computers; subtle voltage differences can be the difference between success and failure.

Should the situation be hopeless, contact Ascanis about returning the kit. FTG Software had previously distributed the kit, but the probability of its not working has increased in the last few years and we are not in a position to accept returns.

If your Lambda 19 is actually a Lambda 9 converted to Lambda 19, you may have the original Lambda computer console (box with keyboard and CRT). If so, connect the 37-pin cable to the Lambda console and determine whether serial communications work as described here.

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