Technical Issues - FSPlot 5.0 to 6.0 Update

FSPlot has been based on the ProEssentials graphics engine, Version 5.0. This uses the Microsoft GDI (graphics device interface). In Version 6.0 GDI+ is used (gdiplus.dll). The main advantage for FilmStar or Scantraq is better support for black and white printing, especially when patterned lines (dots, dashes, etc.) are needed. GDI+ is implemented in DESIGN 2.60 and MEASURE 2.50 and newer.

It is possible that FilmStar might not find gdiplus.dll and complain thereof. In that case locate a copy of gdiplus.dll on your computer and copy to c:\Windows\System 32 or to your FilmStar program directory (normally c:\Winfilm). If  you cannot find gdiplus.dll, you can download it from our website by clicking here.

There may be some line thickness and slight font size differences when using GDI+; please examine FSPlot graphics and adjust accordingly.

Thin patterned lines in FSPlot Version DESIGN 2.50.0852

FSPlot now includes thickness options for all patterned lines. Medium Thin is shown below.

Thicker patterned lines in FSPlot Version DESIGN 2.60.0000
Hint: Use View...Monochrome instead of setting Line Type to Patterns

Of course, for web pages you want to use color as shown below:

Web graphics in color grab the eye!

Another possibility is to enable Smoothing (anti-alias). If you examine the image below with a magnifying glass you'd see that the lines are filled in to give a smoother appearance. This will not affect WMF (vector) graphics used for printing, however.

FSPlot Smoothing (anti-alias) enabled
Note font size differences (graph title especially)
which may require correction

As shown below, the new graphics engine enhances monochrome Interactor graphics when axes are overlapped. Here again, the main purpose is printing, as it's much easier to work interactively with colors.

DESIGN 2.60.0000 - Interactor 'Monochrome' graphics

Comparing the above graph with the one below should convince you that a color printer is still better!

DESIGN 2.60.0000 - Interactor 'Color Printer' graphics

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