Technical Issues - Smith Chart Interactor Module

A Smith Chart module has been developed for use with the DESIGN Interactor. The module is an ActiveX application which runs under control of a FilmStar BASIC macro specified in the Interactor. It is installed by main installer setup32.exe and includes SmithChart.exe and macro SmithChart.bas.

IMPORTANT: Run c:\Winfilm\SmithChart.exe by itself before activating in the Interactor. The Windows 7/8 Unexpected error indicates it is necessary to Run as administrator the first time.

The red dot represents current value while the green square indicates target value.

The Interactor screen image at the right (Options dialog) shows how to attach the Smith Chart module to the Interactor. Click the browse square (gray with 3 dots) and locate SmithChart.bas in C:\Winfilm\Basic32 (assuming default directories). The Smith Chart screen should activate automatically when you click an Interactor button.

This module illustrates how FilmStar users can add specialized graphics capabilities. A high resolution monitor is recommended so that the DESIGN and Smith Chart windows can be viewed simultaneously. Change Automation...Select to Disable when the module is not required.

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