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Mikhail Polyanskiy's very useful compendium of n,k data which can easily be imported into FilmStar DESIGN and INDEX. Also, see Luxpop below.
CVRLtext.gif (1445 bytes) The Color & Vision Research Laboratories site contains a wealth of information.
Charles Poynton is an independent contractor involved in color technology. The following document, originally on the University of Westminster (UK) site, is now hosted by Poynton: Colour Space Conversions by Adrian Ford and Alan Roberts (PDF format).

Color information and links can be found on Bill Dawes' The Coloring Info Pages.

Guillaume Boisset maintains this site for index of refraction values and other photonic calculations. Click here for a list of n,k tables; click here for information about importing values into FilmStar.
With the demise of optical thin film academic programs in Tucson, Orlando and Rochester, you might want to visit the Thin Film Centre at the University of the West of Scotland (formerly Paisley University).
Attendees at European Optical Society meetings in Berlin discovered an excellent Czech beer called Budweiser (Budvar). Since that beer cannot be sold in the USA under that name we are happy to inform you about Czechvar (the beer of kings)!

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