Nicolet FTIR Support via OMNIC

Notes on this video:

Technical information for FilmStar/Scantraq users

BASIC macros transfer data from Omnic (server) to FilmStar MEASURE/Scantraq (client). As indicated above the macros are assigned to the Scan button.

Support files: Extract to c:\Winfilm\Measure (c:\Scantraq\Data) Extract to c:\Winfilm\Basic32 (c:\Scantraq\Basic32)

As can be seen in the BASIC code, much use is made of Omnic's ExecuteCommand function:

' Omnic Reference (background) scan
Option Explicit
Dim OmApp As OmnicComLib.OmnicApp
Const qe$ = Chr$(34)
Sub Main
    Const fData$ = "C:\Winfilm\Measure\OmnicTemp.spc"
    'Const fData$ = "C:\Scantraq\Data\OmnicTemp.spc"
    Const fParam$ = "C:\Winfilm\Measure\SingleBeam.exp"
    'Const fParam$ = "C:\Scantraq\Data\SingleBeam.exp"
    Set OmApp = New OmnicComLib.OmnicApp
    AxesDraw  ' clear graph axes
    StatusLabel "Omnic scanning - please wait": Busy True
    With OmApp
        .ExecuteCommand "RestoreWindow"
        .ExecuteCommand "ShowToolbar Off"
        .ExecuteCommand "LoadParameters " & qe$ & fParam$ & qe$
        .ExecuteCommand "Invoke CollectBackground Auto"
        .ExecuteCommand "Export " & qe$ & fData$ & qe$
        .ExecuteCommand "Clear"
        .ExecuteCommand "MinimizeWindow"
    End With
    StatusLabel "": FileOpen fData$, 1: Replot: Busy False
End Sub

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Last updated on January 01, 2018