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An exhaustive list of improvements and bug fixes is provided in the Revision History page.


XL Functions
August 2017
BASIC XL functions for reading and writing user-specified Excel files (XLS). Support for Microsoft Excel Viewer.
DESIGN Projects
December 2016
New facility for easily organizing optical coating projects, typically by customer.
DESIGN Collector
October 2016
Upgraded Spectra Collector adds Calculate button. Saves multiple-angle spectra in XLS format.
Pike Autosampler Support
May 2016
Code showing how to integrate Pike Autosampler (rotating stage) into MEASURE automation procedures.
Cary UMA Support
February 2016
Advanced support for Agilent Cary Universal Measurement Accessory. Spectra Collector module also implemented in DESIGN.
Circle Diagrams
May 2015
Interactor admittance and reflectance amplitude vs. thickness.
Contour Plot Upgrade
December 2014
Major update to 2D contour plot (%R/%T vs. wavelength and angle).
Plot, Report Upgrade
December 2014
FSPlot (SQPlot) Customizer and Report Generator Organizer make it easier to save and recall plot and report formats.
Ellipsometry Upgrade
June 2014
New Interactor ellipsometric plotting capabilities vs. thickness, wavelength, etc.
April 2014
MEASURE now runs in Test Mode with a DESIGN USB key. This provides means to develop macros, etc.
8453 LAN Support
December 2013
MEASURE (Scantraq) now supports HP/Agilent 8453 via LAN communications.
Monitor Calibration
August 2013
MONITOR wavelength calibration upgraded. Includes improved facility for replacing the monochromator grating for IR utilization.
IC6 Support
July 2013
CRYSTAL updated to transfer IC6 materials and layers. Free software acquires and plots deposition data. LAN support added.
MEASURE Trial Mode
July 2013
MEASURE (Scantraq) adds Trial Mode for prospective users who need to test instrument communications prior to paying.
Monitor Bandwidth
June 2012
Include monochromator bandwidth compensation in DESIGN (R/T vs t) and MONITOR.
Updated FSPlot Module
May 2012
Coating technicians who manually mark up coating curves will find it far more convenient than previously.
Report Generator 64-bit
April 2012
A new print engine fixes problems experienced by users when printing to local and network printers under Windows 7.
Stack Mode
March 2012
Stack Mode is intended for designs composed of many materials. Each layer has its own dispersion values, table or index function.
Oct 2011
MEASURE (Scantraq) adds a transmission squared mode intended for variable angle transmission accessories.
User-Defined Functions
Oct 2011
DESIGN User-Defined Functions/Targets have been upgraded and integrated with a new Calculator.
Scan Macros
Oct 2011
Scan macros are BASIC programs attached to the scan button. Macros can be run before and after Baseline, Reference and Sample scans. Macros can be utilized for user prompts or automation.
May 2011
Quickly estimate total coating run-time. Includes pumping time, rise time, cooling time.
MEASURE Spectra Backup
Feb 2011
Ever forget to save a measured curve and then had to re-scan? The Spectra Backup Recorder auto-saves up to 9999 spectra.
Diabatic Transmittance
Oct 2010
The Schott diabatic transmittance scale [1-log(log1/t)] conveniently displays passbands and blocking regions on the same graph.
Design Recorder
Oct 2010
Ever lose a superior design while trying a new starting design or changing optimization variables? Turn on the Recorder!
Intellemetrics Support
Sep 2009
New FilmStar MONITOR now supports Intellemetrics IL550 and IL560 automatic optical monitors.
StellarNet Spectrometers
Aug 2009
New FTG StellarNet Server supports StellarNet spectrometers for FilmStar DESIGN and MEASURE/Scantraq users.
PE Spectrum 100
Oct 2008
New FilmStar MEASURE (Scantraq) Spectrum server Sp100.exe supports the new PerkinElmer Spectrum 100 FTIR, including the Optica model configured for optics users (replaces GX).
Global Search
Sep 2008
Global Search provides a method to determine new starting designs. Groups (layers within parentheses) and the FilmStar Workbook are supported.
PE Lambda 1050
Sep 2008
New FilmStar MEASURE (Scantraq) version Mpe1050 supports the Triple Detector Module (InGaAs for improved near-IR performance) and Universal Reflectance Attachment.
Auxiliary Serial

Feb 2008
MEASURE (Scantraq) now supports serial communications with external devices. This provides means for users to integrate xy-stages, programmable logic controllers, etc.
Interactor Updates
Oct, Dec 2007
In October the Interactor added the important ability to vary material indices. The December update made it much easier to select layers in designs with many layers.
Layer Error Analyzer
Mar 2007
This important facility lets users view layer errors determined by inverse-synthesis. It then generates FilmStar BASIC code to compensate for these errors.
Updated FSPlot Module
Mar 2007
FSPlot Module now uses GDI+. The benefits are superior monochrome printing and smoother (anti-alias) plot curves.
DESIGN File Browser
Mar 2007
A new File Properties browser makes it easy for larger facilities to manage designs. Users can select My Designs, etc.
Lambda 19 XP Support
Sep 2006
A new version of MEASURE (Scantraq) supports PE Lambda 18-19 under Win 2000/XP. The required Lambda AX PCI board and cable assembly is available from FTG Software.
DESIGN Interactor
May 2006
FilmStar DESIGN 2.50 adds a secondary main screen which lets users interactively adjust designs and instantly plot results.
PE URA Support
Apr 2006
A new version of MEASURE (Scantraq) supports PE 650-950 with URA (Universal Reflectance Accessory)
Hitachi Support
Jan 2006
A new version of MEASURE (Scantraq) supports Hitachi U-3210 and U-3410 (aka U-3200, 3400)
ODX Support
Jun 2005
Import/export of ODX (Optical Design eXchange) XML design files and materials files (*.odx)
SYRUSpro Support
Jun 2005
Support in FilmStar DESIGN, INDEX and MONITOR for Leybold SYRUSpro includes creation of XML file and automatic entry of Leybold defined dispersive index functions. As part of this effort, FilmStar BASIC was added to MONITOR.
Mixed Materials
Apr 2005
Index formulas can now be a function of up to three dispersive tables.
FilmStar Database
Apr 2005
New FilmStar Database technology based on FileMaker Pro replaces the previous Access-based module.
PE Spectrum One
Feb 2005
A new ActiveX server enables MEASURE (Scantraq) to control the PerkinElmer Spectrum One FTIR spectrometer.
Code Generators
Feb 2005
BASIC code creators for FSPlot annotations and the Report Generator ease the task of reproducing plots and reports.
Cary Accessories
Jul 2004
In MEASURE (Scantraq) for Cary, FilmStar BASIC adds several functions (CaryAccy...) for controlling accessories.
New Materials Models
Apr 2004
Forouhi-Bloomer and Tauc-Lorentz dispersion models added to DESIGN and INDEX.
Upgraded DLS
Feb 2004
The DLS (damped least squares) optimizer has been improved by implementing a new matrix inversion algorithm.
User-Defined Targets
Oct 2003
User-defined functions of reflectance, transmittance and phase can be utilized as optimization targets.
IC/5 DAQ Package
Jul 2003
IC/5 Data Logger and IC/5 Data Plotter allow users to acquire and display Rate, Power and Thickness vs. time. This diagnostic tool is available to MONITOR and CRYSTAL users.
FilmStar Administrator
Jun 2003
A FilmStar Administrator bit can be added to HASP Security ID Modules. The Administrator can then set numerous security options on users' computers.


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