Why you need the
FilmStar Database

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Notes on this video:

  • The examples in the video (FilmStar BASIC macros and FileMaker scripts) are included with a FilmStar Facility License.

  • While there are a large number of professional FileMaker consultants, FilmStar users have hired student interns to modify these examples for their particular needs.

  • In large companies, FileMaker will generally be treated as a workgroup rather than enterprise database. IT personnel are requested to read this page before commenting on the suitability of FileMaker Pro for managing coating department operations such as quality assurance.

  • FTG Software can supply turnkey database systems at reasonable cost and/or interface with FileMaker consultants. An on-site visit is typically required for planning purposes. Your IT department should be involved, especially if a network license is implemented. Please contact the FileMaker Inc for details on the types of licenses required.

  • While the video is business-oriented, researchers can use the FilmStar Database as a laboratory notebook.

  • Further information is available on our FilmStar Database page.

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