Got your spectral measurement procedures all written down? That's better than relying on memory, but not much better.

You'll be far more certain that QA procedures are followed if you embed instructions right in the measurement software and automate the process as much as possible.

FilmStar MEASURE supports P-E, Varian, Agilent, Ocean Optics and Zeiss spectrometers. You can just use MEASURE's friendly user interface or go beyond with

  • What to do next prompts (as shown below)

  • Customized data entry screens designed visually

  • Integration with devices such as barcode readers and xy stages

  • A password protected FileMaker Pro database to store, sort and select measured spectra

  • Automatic calculations such as averages and bandwidth turned into publication quality graphs and PDF reports

  • Enhanced security via the FilmStar Administrator

What to do next

And you'll get software support you can only dream about if you're used to dealing with Perkin-Elmer or Varian. Turnkey solutions? Of course!

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