Technical Issues - Bold fonts don't look good?

Depending on monitor type and settings, you might prefer fonts other than the FilmStar default fonts. Font Properties are found in File Configuration Preferences shown at the left. The dialog below illustrates familiar default settings. The fixed pitch grid bitmap font (also used in film design and template editors) is Fixedsys 9; other dialog fonts are MS Sans Serif 8 Bold. Here the menu font is System; this can be changed in Displayed Properties (Control Panel Display or right click on a blank part of your screen).

FixedSys 9 grid font - FilmStar default

In the dialog below, Lucida Sans Typewriter (LTYPE.TFF) size 10 (possibly on your computer) is specified as grid font. Since grids do not have to be fixed pitch, there is a wide selection.

The readibility of TrueType fonts is much improved in Windows XP when ClearType is active. While designed for LCD screens, ClearType markedly enhances readibility on CRT screens. This applies only to TrueType fonts. ClearType would also have no effect on FilmStar's default grid font FixedSys.

Normal fonts with Windows XP ClearType activated

In DESIGN 2.24.3400 (17 Sep 02) it became possible to change the main graph font from default bold to normal (Spectra Graph Details in the Main Menu). The result is typically as follows:

Since the graph font is (TrueType) Arial, it is much improved by activating ClearType:


If you found this information useful, please look at FilmStar dialog fonts for further examples..

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