The Coating Game

If you can't make a filter
in our machine you'll
never make it in yours!

Excessive on-the-job training on actual coating chambers wastes time, ruins parts and lowers profits. The Coating Game offers a new alternative: a realistic simulator for developing and improving manual optical monitoring skills. The game ensures that complex layer recipes are understood and work as expected.

No design software skills are needed!

The Coating Game is included with FilmStar MONITOR. All types of configurations are supported including multiple witnesses (drop chip) or 6-position rotatable witness.

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Monitor Simulator

Traditional Windows menus and dialogs are replaced by a familiar instrumentation interface with optical coating control panels. Chart direction and even paper/pen colors can be changed so that the simulator accurately resembles your actual setup.

The strip-chart can also be used during actual deposition. (This requires a DDE connection; please contact FTG Software for details.)


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Keeping Score!

The Coating Game keeps score. My Coating is automatically compared with the theoretical design at the end of the coating run. Results may be printed.

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