Macrophobia is an affliction which can adversely affect the efficiency of an optical coating facility. Fortunately, it's easily cured.

We define macrophobia as the fear of adapting FilmStar Optical Thin Film Software because it contains a macro language which then has to be learned. We have news: it's really easy to learn if you don't try to do it all at once!

Macrophobia is easily conquered with modest (but not zero) effort and our help. You'll soon view the ability to write macros as an opportunity, not an imposition! FilmStar includes many examples, even in the Free Version.

For those needing more relief, we offer turnkey solutions meeting your specifications. Examples include filter sorting and the creation of files used in heat transfer calculations.

Note: Macrophobia is usually defined as fear of long waits, but our definition is not unheard of!

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