Is your spectrophotometer software intended for pharmaceutical and other chemical applications? Does it include functions you never use while lacking those you need? Is it difficult to export data, problematical to use NIST standards, arduous or impossible to automate, cumbersome, or all of the above?

Why do you have to train technicians on dissimilar software for different instruments, even those from the same manufacturer? Are you supposed to trash older instruments just because manufacturers no longer provide software support?

You don't have to use the software that came 'free' with your instrument. You have a choice: FilmStar MEASURE. Besides the fact that it's designed for optics, it works with diverse instruments including Lambda 9, Lambda 40, Lambda 950 (URA), Cary 500, Ocean Optics, Zeiss, PE 983 and Spectrum GX!

Note: FilmStar MEASURE was developed with the cooperation of PerkinElmer, Varian, Ocean Optics and Zeiss. They realize the value of software alternatives. Isn't it time you evaluated the true cost of 'free' software?

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