Coating designers who use the Noodle Method think before computing. In the design shown below, the noodle methodologist (noodler) starts with 3 adjacent quarter wave stacks.

FilmStar's user-friendly interface makes it easy to insert and refine stacks centered at different wavelengths. The design quickly evolves from 3 stacks to 42 layers. The final design is progressive in thickness (especially suitable for optical monitoring) with no thin layers.

Noodlers recognize the need to compute % yields for real-world specifications; they know that tolerancing by overlaying curves is not good enough. That's why FilmStar includes VBA-compatible BASIC and an Excel-compatible spreadsheet at no extra cost.

Quoting a user in Shanghai ...this (programmable) interface is one big advantage of FilmStar over other thin film design software... This enables us to do more custom calculations such as the evaluation of the specification with the tolerance.

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