Better than no security!
(Actually, they had no trouble cutting
the chain at the hardware store.)

Not every coating facility stores QC spectral curves in filing cabinets, but many do. On the plus side, traces drawn in ink can be more secure than spectra stored in computer files.

You need both security and easy access to data. You need a database that is tightly integrated with data acquisition and thin film analysis software. You need the ability to sort and select by customer, coating type, etc.

That's why FTG Software offers the FilmStar Database for keeping track of spectra (and designs). Based on the popular FileMaker Pro application, the FilmStar Database provides secure network-wide access.

Coating engineers can download spectra for analysis while sales personnel can show actual curves to customers. And neither can 'adjust' curves to meet specifications.

Here's how a FilmStar Database Administrator would ensure that only QC technicians can add new records to the quality control database.

Anything like this in your current thin film software?

This is not just an engineering issue. Implementing the FilmStar Database requires the participation of coating personnel, management and IT. If you're fed-up with dealing with thousands of spectral curves and hundreds of designs willy-nilly stored in various folders, it's time to have a discussion.

Shouldn't your coatings benefit from the FilmStar Database?

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