If you're coating architectural windows, you need FilmStar Optical Thin Film Software. Here's why:

  • Correct calculations for coatings on multiple substrates (laminated structures). 'Correct' means that the system is treated as a single design and that multiple reflections are included. Your current software may not provide this capability.

  • Automate window reflection and transmission measurements, creating LBL Window files (*.itd).

  • And by 'automate', we mean actually run your PE or Varian spectrophotometer. Why suffer with the chemistry software you're using now?

  • Integrated industry-standard database technology keeps track of coating results and lets you select and compare spectra according to any criteria.

  • Numerous tools for determining n,k and working with mixed materials.

'What to do next' dialog in FilmStar sequence to measure
an architectural window and create an LBL Window file

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