Frustrated by DAQ Software?


Can your current spectrophotometer
software pop-up a verification graph as
part of an automated QC procedure?

Your instrument works fine, but its software is intended for chemistry, not optics; also, its cumbersome and inflexible. No problem! There's a powerful, easy-to-use and fully supported alternative!

Click to visit FilmStar MEASURE page
Click to visit FilmStar MEASURE page

MEASURE controls and acquires data from most PerkinElmer models, Varian Cary 1-5 and newer, Agilent (HP) 8453, Ocean Optics, and Zeiss. You cut training costs and improve efficiency by using the same software for different instruments!

MEASURE is not just file conversion software! It runs instruments independently of UvWinLab, WinUV or ChemStation. It includes superb graphics, a complete programming environment and Windows COM facilities. FilmStar MEASURE was developed with the cooperation of PerkinElmer, Varian, Agilent, Ocean Optics and Zeiss.

What can it do for you? A few examples:

  • Automate QC procedures and control devices such as xy-stages or barcode readers

  • Run MEASURE from Microsoft Excel or run Excel from MEASURE

  • Keep track of spectra with FileMaker Pro secure database technology.

  • Generate annotated graphics and reports, save in PDF or Word format

  • Analyze results in the built-in FilmStar Workbook Excel-compatible spreadsheet

  • 100% compatibility with industry-standard optical thin film software

MEASURE fully supports P-E classic IR grating instruments. Looking to buy or repair a 983 or similar? Be sure to contact Mono Instruments!

MEASURE is developed and supported by FTG Software (Princeton, NJ), a leader in optics software since 1982. To learn more call +1 609 924-6222 or visit the FilmStar home page. MEASURE can be purchased and installed independently of FilmStar thin film design software.

Discover FilmStar's unique capabilities via a web-based demonstration at your convenience. Click here to learn more, or call us at +1 609-924-6222.