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The Leybold SyrusPro is a mighty coating machine, but it can be hard to set up! The 12-position optical monitor witness is notoriously difficult to manage when there are more than a few layers. That's why we've added SyrusPro compatibility to

If you consider the very high cost of SyrusPro and the very low cost of FilmStar MONITOR, adding FilmStar is a no brainer.

Here's how it works. The SyrusPro accepts files which include wavelengths, cutoffs and film dispersion.  Leybold has published a specification for such files in XML format. FilmStar MONITOR automatically generates these files which can be verified against the Leybold specification.

Click here (in IE or Firefox) to view a sample Leybold Monitoring report. Complicated? Sure, but all YOU need to do is click a button. Why waste any more time with inadequate methods for setting up optical coating procedures? This is the one that's proven to work! Call us at +1 609 924-6222 for further information. Please contact us if you have a SyrusPro utilizing physical thickness monitoring.

MONITOR also supports manual optical monitors and other automatic monitors such as Eddy LMC-20. Using Internet-based networking, we can demonstrate MONITOR online and answer your questions!