Eddy LMC-10/20 Communicator

The free FTG Software Eddy LMC Communicator (LmcCom.exe) provides a convenient way to enter coating processes into Eddy LMC-10/20 Light Monitors. The program runs under 32 and 64-bit Windows and is adapted from FilmStar MONITOR's LMC Programmer which also computes required values. There is no point in installing this program if you do not have an Eddy LMC-10/20. 

  1. CLICK HERE to download FtgFree32.exe (12.1) to your download directory. The installer also includes the DESIGN Free Version and the Inficon IC/5, IC6 Data Logger.

  2. Run the program to install the LMC Communicator. A password is required during installation. CLICK HERE to obtain a password.

  3. Please contact FTG Software if you have problems and questions.

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