As written in Quality Digest, "The standard now requires that measurement and monitoring activities needed to ensure conformity and achieve improvement must be defined, planned and implemented. This must include appropriate measurement methods."

And as they say in Princeton, "Measured spectra are  the very core of optical coating quality management. It's virtually impossible to meet ISO standards with files stored willy-nilly or, even worse, with charts buried in filing cabinets. Database technology is essential."

How FilmStar helps you meet ISO 9001:2000

  • Measurement...FilmStar includes spectrophotometer DAQ software, replacing the unsuitable and unsupported chemist's software that came with your instrument. FilmStar lets you define step-by-step procedures directly in measurement software. And it even includes the ability to digitize those old strip-charts.

  • Analysis...FilmStar is object compatible with MS Office. If you're cutting and pasting, you'll be amazed at the degree of automation that's possible. Since your customers have Office, you can quickly modernize your delivery of QMS data.

  • Improvement...Database software is the key to process improvement. FilmStar includes FileMaker Pro interface software. You can analyze data from selected records in our thin film design software. All this is in the standard package at no extra cost. 

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