Happy with your PerkinElmer Lambda but not with UV WinLab? Find it cumbersome and inflexible? Need built-in compatibility with Excel and other Windows applications? You're not alone!

To overcome these issues, we've developed with PerkinElmer's cooperation and support new versions of FilmStar MEASURE (or Scantraq for chemists) for all Lambda UV/Vis/NIR and Spectrum 100 FTIR. New and legacy instruments follow our philosophy of One Program - Many Instruments.

FilmStar MEASURE/Scantraq include a VBA-like macro language supporting hardware and software automation. Recent solution for a California user: a macro for measuring 360 spectra per sample with data placed in Excel columns. An optional database module lets you save thousands of spectra in a single file.

There's no need to compromise when well-proven low-cost (as low as ~3% of the instrument price) alternative software is so readily available.

While our software is mainly utilized in optics, you'll be interested to know that Scantraq is used in refineries world-wide. Up to 135 lubricating oil samples are automatically measured overnight.

Discover FilmStar's advantages through a web-based demonstration at your convenience. Click here to learn more, or call us at +1 609-924-6222.