Scantraq BASIC offers a familiar VBA environment for the
rapid and cost-effective development of specific solutions.

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Scantraq BASIC IDE

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Macro of Macros

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User Dialog Editor

IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

The screen image at the left shows how the BASIC IDE appears within Scantraq. The IDE holds up to nine windows, making it easy to cut and paste code. The IDE has virtually unlimited capacity and supports color coding, search and replace, debugging, etc. Programs can also be run directly (without activating the editor).

Up to six BASIC programs (macros) can be assigned to keys <Shift+F1> to <Shift+F6>. As this may be insufficient, a useful application is a Macro of Macros program which runs other BASIC programs. 

Wonder how this dialog box was created? Here's the relevant code:

Begin Dialog UserDialog 470,182,"Run Scantraq Macro"
    Text 40,18,150,15,"Macro &Description"
    ListBox 40,35,260,126,MacroList(),.MacRun
    OKButton 340,35,90,25
    CancelButton 340,70,90,25
End Dialog

Fortunately there's no need to remember codes; click the UserDialog icon to pop up a visual editor and create the required interface. Then close the visual editor to automatically paste the dialog code into the IDE.

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BASIC Language Help

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Scantraq Extensions Help

On-Line Help

In addition to its well-documented set of language instructions, which will be familiar to anyone who has programmed in some version of BASIC, Scantraq BASIC adds special commands, keywords, and subroutines. These are documented in on-line help as well as in the BASIC object browser.

The same commands are exposed to other 32-bit Windows applications via OLE Automation.


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 Added to Scantraq

Adding Calculation Modules

Users can add calculation modules to Scantraq BASIC by developing or licensing DLLs (dynamic linked libraries) which then become built-in subroutines. 

As illustrated here, GRAMS PLSplus/IQ analyses can be performed by Scantraq BASIC. As this automates multiple analyses while isolating technicians from the complexities of GRAMS, it is an excellent quality assurance technique. Note that this requires appropriate licenses from Galactic Industries.

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Step-by-Step QC Procedures

Automating Scantraq

This Optics Quality Control dialog suggests compelling reasons to implement Scantraq BASIC programs.

Complex measurement sequences are reduced to simple step-by-step procedures, thereby reducing training costs and enabling facilities to comply with ISO-9001 requirements.

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