Scantraq can be linked to industry-standard database software.

Why you need the Scantraq Database

There are numerous benefits:

  • Quality-control departments can organize tens of thousands of spectral measurements and select them according to type, customer, etc.
  • Management can evaluate trends, identify problem areas, and perform what-if analyses. Calculations can be performed over selected data sets.
  • Security is ensured via user-name and password protection, audit trails, etc. Unlike solutions provided by spectrophotometer manufacturers, a world-wide support network is available.

Scantraq provides the programming examples you need to utilize database technology in your facility. With database technology Scantraq becomes an important tool for managing meeting quality requirements.

As an alternative (or supplement) to the solutions given below, the optional Scantraq Database also supports NTFS file properties. Click here to learn more.

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Why you need the Scantraq Database Take advantage of popular business software to organize, select, sort and interpret spectral data! It's easier than you think! (3.75 min)

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Spectra Database

FileMaker Pro Database Solution

FileMaker Pro provides means to store spectra and/or scan methods in a secure database environment. With millions of users, FileMaker is an industry-standard database which can be part of a 21 CFR Part 11 solution. FileMaker Pro provides means to integrate with corporate (enterprise) databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

FileMaker user-privileges can be password protected. Data files (and optional pictures) can be stored directly in the database instead of in disk directories. Examples for storing spectra are based on the following FileMaker advances:

  • Scantraq BASIC can run FileMaker scripts via ActiveX. Once you understand the included examples, you'll be amazed how simple and powerful this is. Measure a sample and the spectrum automatically appears in the database; it's that easy!
  • FileMaker Pro includes the ability to customize menu commands according to user name and password. This feature is essential in ensuring that users and browsers do not alter results or modify database structures.
  • FileMaker Pro includes container fields which store data files as well as pictures. Thousands of spectra and pictures can be stored in a single database file. Click here for further information.  FileMaker Pro 12 adds new support for saving PDF documents. QA reports can be reviewed and printed directly.

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MDB Database Solution

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SQPlot as Graphics Browser

MDB Database Solution

Another possibility is to update and edit Access-compatible .mdb files with Scantraq BASIC. While this requires programming effort beyond that required for our FileMaker solution, it offers ultimate flexibility for organizations committed to MS Access databases.

The relevant Scantraq BASIC code is surprisingly straightforward with relatively few new keywords. An example with documented code is provided with Scantraq. The example installs the MS database engine and does not actually require MS Access (recommended).

Finally, MS Access itself can be controlled from Scantraq BASIC.


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