It's one thing to qualify for a logo. But it's quite another to meet ISO standards in a way which really benefits your company.

As written in Quality Digest, "The standard now requires that measurement and monitoring activities needed to ensure conformity and achieve improvement must be defined, planned and implemented. This must include appropriate measurement methods."

FilmStar gives you the measurement and database tools you need to maximize the advantages of ISO compliance. And now, these tools are available to all, not just to FilmStar DESIGN users.

Nice logo! But it's no assurance
that your optical measurement
are up-to-date.

How FilmStar helps implement ISO 9001:2000 Section 8

  • MEASUREMENT...FilmStar MEASURE data acquisition software replaces the unsuitable chemist's software that came with your spectrophotometer. With MEASURE, you define procedures directly in software, thereby reducing reliance on printed instructions.

  • ANALYSIS...FilmStar is object compatible with MS Office. You'll be amazed at the degree of automation that's possible. You can automatically generate QMS reports and charts as well as give your customers the data they need in a universal format.

  • IMPROVEMENT...Database software is your key to process improvement! FilmStar includes a powerful and easy-to-use FileMaker Pro interface with enhanced security features. You can select and analyze spectra in FilmStar DESIGN. All this is included in the standard package.

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