Short Course Announcement

Maximizing FilmStar

Fred Goldstein, Instructor

Princeton Marriott Hotel &
Conference Center at Forrestal

Princeton, New Jersey     Fall 2016
(date to be determined)

Get the most out of FilmStar. Go far beyond point-and-click and master the FilmStar Development System! Course topics range from nk determination to automation to advanced optimization with general merit functions and multiple constraints.

While the course is intended mainly for optical thin film scientists and engineers, it can also benefit coating managers and IT staff who need to direct or support the work of others.

If you are interested in attending please
contact FTG Software as soon as possible.

Day 1 AM: Following a review of FilmStar DESIGN and INDEX functions, we discuss features that users may not be aware of such as evaluation macros, thin film designs on multiple substrates, Stack Mode, dispersive index functions, mixed materials, the Interactor, tooling-factor determination, nk extraction, etc.

Day 1 PM- Day 2: After answering any remaining questions, the FilmStar Development System is introduced and illustrated with numerous examples:

FilmStar BASIC: VBA-compatible language in all programs. BASIC performs calculations, supports dialog boxes, and communicates with dynamic-linked libraries (DLL). Programs can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized changes.

FilmStar Workbook: Excel-compatible spreadsheet in DESIGN and MEASURE supporting all types of spectral calculations. Emphasis on tolerancing, quality assurance, and optimization with user-defined merit functions and constraints. 

FSPlot Module: Publication graphics in DESIGN and MEASURE. The Annotator enable users to mark up graphs showing filter shapes, laser lines, pass/fail zones, etc. The Formulator provides arithmetic operations on spectra.

Report Generator: Combines text and graphics into documents which may be previewed, printed, and stored on disk. This module is used in DESIGN, MONITOR and MEASURE.

FilmStar Database: Keep track of designs and measured spectra with industry standard database software. Spectra securely stored by MEASURE can be viewed and analyzed (but not altered) by DESIGN users. NTFS File Properties provides another method for organizing designs and spectra.

Day 3: Development modules are utilized together. This is extremely powerful. For example, Workbook calculations may be printed in the Report Generator under control of a BASIC program assigned to a single key. Sample applications include coating design catalogs, calculated graph annotations, quality-control procedures and documents, cost prediction, trend analysis, export to other software, measuring and sorting filters, etc. An admittance Smith Chart demonstrates how BASIC programs can be triggered by the Interactor.

Supplementing built-in capabilities, FilmStar communicates with other Windows programs via 32-bit OLE Automation (ActiveX). This exposes FilmStar to other applications and vice-versa. Examples include running FilmStar from Excel, creating custom reports in Word, running Ocean Optics spectrometers from DESIGN or MEASURE, etc.

New to this course, 'Gedankenspektrum' methods are introduced, with an important discussion on the reliability of inverse-synthesis.

The afternoon will include time for questions, review, and further examples. Attendees may bring laptops (not necessary) and examples used in the course will be distributed via USB memory stick.

Registration Fee $1595 ($1395 for additional attendees from the
same company) includes all-day refreshments and buffet lunch.
Reserve your place via purchase order or credit card.



The Princeton Marriott at Forrestal is in a
research park about 5 miles from Princeton.
Shuttle service from EWR to Princeton is provided by
Olympic Airporter; A1 Limousine provides taxi service to all airports.
NJ Transit provides train service from EWR to Princeton Junction.
 When planning, be sure to check flights to Philadelphia as well.

In addition to the conference hotel, we recommend the Nassau Inn
for attendees wanting to stay in the center of Princeton. A good budget
choice is the Princeton Hampton Inn, very near the conference hotel.

The course will be limited to 15 attendees; please do not
make airline reservations until you ensure your place.

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