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The What's New page contains a summary of  important updates in FilmStar and Scantraq. An exhaustive list of improvements and bug fixes can be found in the Revision History page.


Users should consult our Technical Issues pages for FAQ, information about system and installation problems, hardware compatibility, program operation etc. Material not included in manuals or help can be found here. Click here for information about reporting problems to FTG Software.

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Need on-site help? Installation? QA? Training? Automation? Thin Film Experts is an association of consultants in thin film technology. Experts have wide-ranging experience with FilmStar.

Are there FilmStar features and benefits you might not be aware of? Check out the Why FilmStar page for a series of e-mails sent to prospective users and links to flyers and videos.

Our Links Page is devoted to useful technical information, documents and further links available on other web sites.
FilmStar (Scantraq) Installers are listed below. Installation passwords are required. These are included in e-mails sent to your FilmStar Technical Representative. Please let us know if there are any other addresses to be added as cc.

Once you've installed FilmStar, the main installer Setup32.exe provides a convenient option for updating programs. You will not need to re-enter passwords until they are changed.

The version of any FTG program is obtained by clicking Help.. About. Version information is also found by right-clicking the file name in Explorer and viewing Properties.

FilmStar BASIC programs are included in the complete installation and in basic32.zip (DESIGN password required). The ZIP file lets you restore BASIC programs which were altered and no longer work. Shoji.zip includes two BASIC programs kindly contributed by Mr. H. Shoji of Tokai Optical. One program estimates coating time; the other opens Hitachi *.uds spectrophotometer files.

Don't miss Excel extends optical coating software capabilities in Laser Focus World, April 2014. You have Excel and your customers have Excel, so why not do more with it?

Click here to read the article; click here to download Excel workbook examples (Reference 1 in  the article). Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

If you are not receiving FilmStar News e-mails it is likely that your
system rejects e-mails containing links. Contact your IT department
and insist they add ftgsoftware.com to your company's whitelist.
Only current versions are available for download.
Please save installers and corresponding passwords.
Close all FTG Software programs before re-installing.
Installers contain the latest versions; there are no 'patch' files.
Under rare circumstances some FilmStar dialogs may fail to open,
thereby locking the program. The is usually caused by invalid window
coordinates and is easily fixed. Please click here for instructions.
Installers File Link

DESIGN 2.61.4203
INDEX 2.51.0497
MONITOR 2.53.0348
CRYSTAL 2.30.0038
MEASURE/Scantraq 2.51.1892
IC/5-6 DAQ

Setup32.exe (45.9M)

'Unexpected error' and
other Win 7-10 Issues


Getting started with... FilmStar
PE Spectrum FTIR  installation issues: click here.

Mcary5U.exe (WinUV 6 compatible) driver registration
Name: FTG Software (Development)      Key: 106D00

Useful enhancement for viewing and verifying XLS and XLSX files

1. Microsoft Excel Viewer   2. Service Pack 3  (Viewer updater)
Adds Help...Excel Viewer and BASIC Sub XLview in all FTG programs; enhances
BASIC Function XLopen in DESIGN, MEASURE/Scantraq. BASIC Example
If Help..Excel Viewer does not work, click here for further information.
Set Excel Viewer default directory in File...Configuration...Directories

Have Excel and would rather not install the Excel Viewer?
Add XLExecute instruction to C:\Winfilm\Config\Common.ini under [Interface]:
XLExecute=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE
Locate EXCEL.EXE and adjust for your version of Windows and Excel.

FileMaker Database Support
FileMaker Pro 12-15 required
Accessing the FilmStar Database
FM12Setup.exe (2.5M, 13 Dec 15)

FileMaker Pro 30-Day Free Trial
Sopra n,k Files
Install FilmStar DESIGN first
Soprank.exe (537K)

Printed manuals are the same as <F1> program help, but updated less
frequently. Please consider environmental impact and print
only  required portions of manuals such as BASIC commands.

Printable Documents in
Adobe Acrobat format
File Link
Manuals DESIGN (1.58M, 26 Mar 17)
MONITOR (706K, 23 Sep 14)
CRYSTAL (208K, 28 Mar 05)
MEASURE (849, 26 Mar 17)
Scantraq (848, 23 Feb 15
BASIC (627K, 13 Jul 02)
Workbook (147K, 20 Apr 99)
Manuals for Duplex Printers
(prints on both sides of paper)
DESIGN (1.58M, 26 Mar 17)
MONITOR (706K, 23 Sep 14)
CRYSTAL (209K, 28 Mar 05)
MEASURE (851, 26 Mar 17
Scantraq (848, 23 Feb 15)
Miscellaneous File Link
Computer Techniques for Improving
Optical Coating Yields
course files
Unzip to C:\Winfilm thereby creating
directory C:\Winfilm\Course2
Course2.zip (4.7M)
Maximizing FilmStar course files
Unzip to ..\Winfilm thereby creating
directory C:\Winfilm\Course3
Course3.zip (6.9M)

Please do not supply passwords to users outside your facility.
We rely on your cooperation. Thank you!


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