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FilmStar offers facilities you don't find in other thin film software.
These are described in the following series of e-advertisments.

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Printable (PDF) Flyers and Brochures
Excel with FilmStar (1 pg)
FilmStar - when productivity is essential (1 pg)
FilmStar - when coating is your business (1 pg)
FilmStar coating management software (1 pg)
FilmStar Optical Thin Film Software (4 pg)
    Another Day at Black Hole Filters (1 pg)
Optical Monitoring with Design Software? (1 pg)
   Optical Thin Film Marketing Software (1 pg)
Silly Cartoon? (2 pg duplex)
 Two Methods for Managing Spectral Data (1 pg)

OIC 2013 Presentation (12MB)

On the reliability of inverse-synthesis in optical coatings
FilmStar DESIGN Layer Error Analyzer
Connecting coating departments to enterprise (corporate) databases

TiO2 Index Variations (My TiO2)
FilmStar and Excel

PDF Publications
'Gedankenspektrum' Methods in Optical Coatings
Automating Spectral Measurements

FilmStar Support Pages
Updates/Installers  Technical Issues/FAQ

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